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University of Gastronomic Science in Pollenzo

Slow Food endorses many initiatives aiming at developing the intelligence and culture of food and has taken on the task of opening an Academy of Gastronomic Science in a prestigious location in Pollenzo (near Bra, Cuneo) in the splendid neo-gothic building built in 1833 called Tenuta Reale.

Passion and science run deep here while agronomy, animal husbandry and technology combine with the study of food from a humanistic viewpoint.

Pollenzo has become the leading international centre for the industry, a meeting point for culinary disciplines and a centre for restaurant and food professionals to perfect their trade.
The University was founded on January 27th, 2003 and has a Faculty Council formed of a group of university professors (Piercarlo Grimaldi, Michele Antonio Fino, Claudio Malagoli, Nicola Perullo, Andrea Pieroni), of a researcher and a students representative, under the guidance of Carlo Petrini, President of Slow Food and President of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee of the the University of Gastronomic Science in Pollenzo.

The Academy of Gastronomic Science develops programmes and educational activities with the support of the Associazione Amici dell’Università di Scienze Gastronomiche, an independent, non-profit group governed by an assembly of its members (public authorities and individuals that contribute to the aims of the University) and by an Administrative Board made up in part by its founding members including Slow Food, Emilia Romagna Region and  Piemonte Region.
Website: www.unisg.it/en

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