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Bioindustry Park - www.bioindustrypark.eu

The Bioindustry Park based near Torino and fully operational since 1998, promotes and develops biotechnological research, hosting enterprises which want to set up laboratories and pilot production facilities in the life sciences sector. It offers support, research facilities and scientific services, through its own laboratory LIMA. Big companies have chosen the Park as a location, also becoming strong shareholders side by side with local authorities: an example is Bracco Imaging, which has set up its own new Research Centre in the Park, a unique facility in the Italian lifesciences industry. The park aims also at creating value around scientific results, performing technology transfer and supporting the creation of new companies. To foster this process, various national and international agreements are in force, especially with Toscana Life Sciences (Italy), Bilbao Science Park (Spain), RAD Biomed (Israel) and the Technology Centre of New Jersey (USA).

Bioindustry Park LIMA laboratory www.bioindustrypark.eu
LIMA works on a basis of 5 synergic, complementary platforms (Molecular Biology, Proteomics, Chemistry and Structural Biology, Imaging, Bioinformatics), supported by state of the art scientific equipment. Moreover, LIMA provides a centre for training on analytical and research methodologies and techniques, where researchers from public institutions and industry can interact.

The Centre of Excellence in Preclinical Imaging – Università di Torino
The Centre, located inside the Bioindustry Park, offers universities, research centres and companies knowhow and methodologies based on imaging techniques in order to facilitate and speed up the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic solutions. It is equipped with various imaging technologies such as MRI, nuclear medicine, X-ray, optical imaging, ultrasound, PET-SPECT technologies and is coupled sinergetically with facilities and labs of companies located in the park area e.g. Bracco Imaging, AAA, Istituto di Ricerche Biomediche “Antoine Marxer” RBM controlled by Merck-Serono etc.

Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment www.ircc.it
IRCC, a private non-profit institution, has the mission to make a significant contribution to fighting cancer by understanding the basics and by providing optimal diagnostic and therapeutic services. It hosts 2 divisions and 4 laboratories with clinical facilities and over 100 international researchers. IRCC houses one of the five Italian Centers for Advanced Scientific Research established in 1997 by the G. Armenise - Harvard Foundation, devoted to the study of signal transduction in normal and cancer cells.

CNR-National Research Council www.area.to.cnr.it
At regional level CNR offers a set of R&D laboratories with over 160 researchers, specialising mainly in phytovirology, proteomics and agrifood, immunogenetics and oncology, mycology.

Azienda Ospedaliera Città della Salute e della Scienza in Torino
Oncology Department Ospedale Molinette, Torino
The department runs research activities thanks to the interaction between various medical, surgical and diagnostic specialisations – such as pathological anatomy with research laboratories of molecular biology, tumour immunology, and cytogenetics - of cancer radiology treatment and evaluation by epidemiologists. Most of these activities are run within the Centro Oncologico Ematologico Subalpino (C.O.E.S). The same centre also houses the Centro di Ricerca di Medicina Sperimentale (C.E.R.M.S.) where basic and translational research are run aimed at various sectors, from onco-hematology to molecular diagnostics for the identification of new pharmacological therapies, to the experimentation of anti-tumour vaccines and the search for innovative therapeutic protocols, through clinical trials to be brought alongside existing ones for the various kinds of tumour.

Tera Foundation for Oncological Hadron Therapy www.tera.it
Tera develops radiotherapy techniques based on the use of hadron particles, and applications of physics and informatics to medicine and biology. Hadron Therapy makes use of beams of protons (hydrogen ions), carbon ions and neutrons.

Edo Tempia Foundation www.fondoedotempia.it
The non-profit institution focuses on the study of genic expression in tumoral tissues. The pharmacogenomics research lab is based on the availability of state of the art microarrays technology, and activities are ongoing both for the use of microarrays techniques in preclinical studies and for the study of molecular profile of tumours in order to improve diagnosis.

Cavalieri Ottolenghi Foundation  www.ottolenghi.unito.it
The Foundation performs research of excellence in basic neurosciences oriented towards the prevention, diagnostics, and cure of neurological disorders. It also studies the molecular mechanisms that regulate normal nerve growth and nerve damage and repair, and investigate on the molecular mechanisms of neuronal ageing, and how normal ageing is affected in diseases like Alzheimer.

NIT- Neuroscience Institute of Torino  www.unito.it
The Institute promotes and runs experimental, theoretical and applied research in the field of the neurosciences, from the study of the cellular and molecular bases of the nervous system to the analysis of advanced integrative and mental activity functions, in normal and pathological conditions.

LISiN www.lisin.polito.it
The Department of Electronics is home to the Laboratory of Engineering of the Neuromuscular System and Motor Rehabilitation. It focuses on three main areas: the hardware and software design, which provides prototypes of biomedical equipment and promotes technological transfer towards partner companies for final engineering and small series production; signal processing and modelling, which provides the mathematical tools for the simulation, interpretation and extraction of information from the EMG signals; basic physiology and clinical applications.

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