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Micro & nanotechnologies

Piemonte is located in the European centre of an area endowed with unique capabilities in micro and nanotechnology and is linked to major education and research centres in Italy, France and Switzerland.
The Piedmontese nanotechnology field is experiencing a trend of rapid growth thanks to the support of innovation policies by Piemonte Regional Government and of venture capital funds.
The region is known for its ground-breaking business environment capable of developing new applications, for its internationally recognised education system and for the entities active in the field of pure and applied research in nanotechnology: these vary from Universities' departments to public and private research centre with established profitable collaborations over time.
The convergence of nanoscale research with almost every field of traditional science, from engineering to chemistry, from biology to medicine, from physics to materials science, creates vast opportunities to enhance performance. 
Nanotechnology is characterized, on one hand, by the nanometre-length scale of materials, devices and systems created and, on the other, by its highly interdisciplinary vocation.
Due to its numerous applications and its capacity to generate important changes in almost all the most important industrial sectors, nanotechnology is experiencing a trend of sharp and rapid growth.

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