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This manufacturing vocation goes harmonically along with Piemonte’s primary objective to build a sustainable future and to reach energy independence according to the EU policy “20-20-20”.
This will is also highlighted by the fact that Piemonte is the European region allocating the highest percentage/amount of EU financial resources to renewable energy.

In terms of economic growth, business opportunities and public investment, one of the key sector for the future in Piemonte is thus the eco-industry.
The major industrial competencies can be found in the field of waste management - i.e. recycling and waste collection - energy transmission, waste treatment, photovoltaics, but also geothermal, biomass and hydroelectric energy.
However, the major challenge taken by the territory is in the field of research and technology development in the hydrogen industry.
For this reason, public local institutions contributed to the creation of HYSYLAB (Hydrogen System Laboratory), a unique example in Italy and Europe of a research and training center related to hydrogen technologies.

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