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Productive highlights

SMEs form a predominant part of the Italian industrial system.
These are businesses that can be categorised with set limits in terms of workforce and turnover:

- a medium-sized business has fewer than 250 employees and its annual turnover does not exceed €50 million, or total company assets are below €43 million.
-  a small-sized business has fewer than 50 employees and its annual turnover or total company assets do not exceed €10 million.

In Piemonte, in particular, SMEs play a vital role in the economic and social make-up of the region. These streamlined and fast-acting businesses have strong territorial roots, but their flexibility, their propensity for innovation, their wealth of know-how and their use of high quality processes and production techniques has also made them representatives for Made in Italy worldwide.

A key factor in the competitive edge enjoyed by Piemonte’s SMEs is the special relationship between businesses and the local territorial system, based on links with other companies in the area and with the local social system, including the availability of suitably qualified and professional human resources.

The next few pages aim to guide you through some of the sectors in which Piedmontese SMEs enjoy a reputation for excellence.

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Automotive & sustainable mobility
Information communication tecnologies
Micro & nanotechnologies
Industrial design
Clothing & textile

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